Why You Should Attend In 2018

Meet Permian Participants Including...

  • Active E&P Operators From The Prolific Permian Basin, With Job Titles Including Crude, Condensate, NGL, Natural Gas, Marketing, Commercial Development, Origination, Feedstock, Midstream, Supply, Asset Management, Optimization and Planning
  • Leading Midstream Operators, With Job Titles Including Crude, Condensate, NGL, Natural Gas, Marketing, Commercial Development, Supply, New Ventures, Infrastructure, Client Services, Projects & Inspection
  • U.S. & International Crude Traders, Private Equity Firms & Investment Funds

Sponsorship, Networking & Exhibition Opportunities Available For 2018

Bringing together the highest-quality executive level group, this conference gives you the chance to come face-to-face with active operators from the Permian this September. Contact our team at sponsorship@american-business-conferences.com to discuss sponsorship and/or exhibition options in......

  • Full-Service EPCs
  • Front-End Pipeline Design, Engineering & Procurement Firms
  • Project Management & Commissioning Services
  • New Pipeline Construction Services
  • Main Line Construction Services
  • New Pipeline Construction Services
  • Flow-Line/Well Connections Services
  • Pipeline Fabrication Services
  • Right-of-way Solutions, including Maintenance & Reclamation Services
  • Special Services, including Hydro Excavation, Emergency Response Services
  • Site Investigation, Surveying & Land Acquisition Services
  • Existing Pipeline Maintenance/Repair Services
  • Pipeline Maintenance Services
  • Main Line Repair Services
  • Pipeline Commissioning & Decommissioning Services
  • Cathodic Protection Services
  • Marketing Fundamentals Analysis Firms
  • New Construction Technologies
  • UAV Technology
  • Pipeline Tracking Systems
  • GIS Mapping Technologies
  • Big Data & The Internet of Things
  • Crude Quality Testing Services
  • Oil Spill Clean Up Services
  • Crude Processing Services
  • Gas Gathering Systems > Construction Services
  • Compressor Station Construction & Maintenance Services
  • Gas Storage Services
  • Gathering, Treating & Processing Services
  • Cyrogenic Natural Gas Processing Facilities & Services
  • Crude Oil Marketing & Transportation
  • Rail Terminal / Transloading Facilities
  • Truck and Rail Loading & Unloading Facilities

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Agenda At A Glance

What's On The Agenda This Year?

  • Pipeline Developers' Short-Term & Long-Term Plans For Takeaway Buildout To Move Permian Crude, Natural Gas & NGL Out To Market And Meet Production Goals
  • Assess the bigger picture of current Permian takeaway capacity and status updates for delayed projects
  • Hear updates on new pipelines coming online in 2019 and announcements from the Gulf Coast
  • Examine future infrastructure plans & projects for midstream growth
  • E&P Commentaries On How They See The Permian Growing, Including:
  • Plus Points, Challenges, Hurdles And Production Profiles At Different Price Points
  • Future Crude Grades & Markets Offering The Highest Netbacks
  • Where Is Permian Crude, NGL & Natural Gas Going To Find A Home?
  • Assess key drivers driving domestic demand for Permian products in competitive markets
  • Continue the value change beyond the destination of the pipeline and explore opportunities to participate in economic upsides beyond US markets
  • Investor Insight On Private Equity Capital Funding For Permian Pipelines & Project Risk Mitigation Strategies For A Fast-Paced, Wildcat Environment

"Networking time was very valuable."


"The whole conference has been very informative and helpful."

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"Varied perspectives given."Phillips 66


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