Jason Booth

VP - Crude Oil Marketing

Tauber Oil Company

In June of 2017, Jason Booth joined forces with Tauber Oil, a private company in Houston as a VP of Crude Oil Marketing resigning his position as co-owner of 4J Energy, LLC.  In July of 2015, Jason had co-founded 4J in order to partner with three energy industry experts after leaving his crude oil trading position with Energy Transfer Partners. 

Jason's professional career started in 1989 as he held growing levels of responsibility beginning as an accountant and acquiring increasing levels of accountability from operations to scheduling and ultimately marketing with Scurlock Permian Company a subsidiary of Marathon Ashland Company.  After the sale of Scurlock Permian to Plains Marketing, an opportunity arose to serve as Marketing Manager with Texon, LP, the largest private oil company in Houston.  He was instrumental in progressing the company's crude oil division for seven years that ultimately sold for $215M. 

In 2008, a physical crude oil trading position was offered at Barclays Bank PLC where Jason managed a crude oil book that averaged 25M/Yr centralizing around 6 million barrels of tankage in Cushing and the Gulf Coast.  After three successful years at Barclay's an opportunity arose to head up the marketing and trading position at TransMontaigne, while concurrently serving as the physical crude trader at TransMontaigne's parent company Morgan Stanley. 

In 2012, the role as the Vice President of Marketing and Trading at EDF was accepted and the business quickly progressed in which ~25M of profits were generated and culminated with the sale of the crude oil team to ETP (Sunoco Logistics).

Throughout his career Jason has excelled in the expertise of understanding and optimizing time, quality, location, and information arbitrages.  When the market is inefficient, the ability to quickly capitalize on these discrepancies is paramount.  Using longstanding relationships and understanding the physical alternatives for each US basin, allows for the ability to optimize the movement of crude oil while improving the economics and providing reliable take away capacity for producers.



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